With all the Choices Available, why Choose our
Verattiva Skin Care Products?
Because we're offering you skin care products that are effective, combining two powerful ingredients found in no other skin care line:
Pure, organic aloe vera combined with probiotics from milk enzymes.  The active milk enzymes increase the benefits of the aloe vera resulting in skin care products that work, or your money back (not to mention free shipping).
It's a revolutionary hydrating, anti-aging complex from organically-farmed Aloe Vera Gel.  The beneficial nature of Aloe was known even five thousand years ago. As testimony of its efficacy in ancient times, it was called the �Plant of Immortality� or the �Miracle Plant�.  Since 1959, the therapeutic properties of Aloe have been officially recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
Among the nutrients to be found in Aloe, there are also Vitamins A, C and E.
Vitamin A (retinol) - known for its regenerative properties for cells, is used commonly in cosmetics as an anti-ageing agent, even if its highly specific property is related to the functioning of sight, especially the activity of the retina, from which it takes its name �retinol�.
Vitamin C - with its well-known anti-oxidizing and immunostimulating activities, promotes absorption of iron and the formation of collagen.
Vitamin E - with its anti-oxidizing and cell-regenerating activity, protects the skin by preventing cellular membrane damage.
Aloe - is a rich source of minerals: Iron, Chrome, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Copper, Sodium, Zinc and Boron.
The beauty of Cleopatra�s skin, famous still today, came from her frequent baths in milk, during which the probiotic lactobacilli of the milk rebalanced all physiological functions of the skin to make it youthful-looking, elastic and well-toned.
Probiofactor� is obtained from a specific process that keeps its intrinsic qualities stable for more than 36 months. Many studies have underlined the importance and efficacy of probiotic complex in skin care formulations. In fact, regular use of skin care products containing probiotics undeniably re-establishes the balance � and most particularly, it maintains this balance over time � of normal physiological conditions of the skin, such as pH and ceramide levels.
Furthermore, application of a cream containing probiotic lactobacilli has shown a significant increase in ceramides, which translates into a better functioning of normal lipid barriers of the skin and a better resistance of the lipid barriers against inflammation and dehydration. Dehydrated skin allows for penetration of external materials, thereby opening up the possibility to inflammatory forms of irritation and allergenic contact.
About Verattiva
Verattiva skin care products were created by Specchiasol, an Italian pharmaceutical company.
Specchiasol was established in 1973 by its founder Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto, who is the current president of the Specchiasol group.  Giuseppe was given an honorary degree in Pharmacy Studies in recognition of his promotion and development of plant therapy culture in Italy and Europe where it has now been elevated to the stature of a science.
Today Specchiasol is a group leader in the Italian plant therapy field and operates in the natural world by uniting its traditions to high level technology and scientific research.
The Specchiasol Group is composed of the following elements:
* Pharmaceutical and Plant Therapy Division
* Tricological and Cosmetic Division
* Publishing House � G. M. Ricchiuto Editore
* �S. Demetrio� Biological Farms
* Botanical Laboratory for selection and experimentation.
Specchiasol brings fully-recognized herbal remedies into scientific laboratories, hospitals and university clinics where they have now become part of the modern plant therapy skin care tradition.

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