Testimonials from Happy & Satisfied Customers
We assure you that the testimonials below are from actual customers - and not made up - but to protect their privacy, we've decided to leave our their contact information.
That being said, if you would like to speak to one of the customers below before purchasing, please contact us and we'll make the introduction.

"I just found another use for the daily face moisturizer I bought from you - one of my kids (8 years old) had chapped, red cheeks from the recent unexpected cold weather and I put the moisturizing lotion on him and he was better in a day!  Usually, with his sensitive skin, I have to put other lotions on for a few days to hydrate his skin and take the red out.  So it even works well for children - thanks!"

"Yes, the facial cleanser arrived in excellent condition and the enclosed samples and literature was also greatly appreciated.  I enjoy the facial soap immensely and look forward to using it for years to come.  It leaves my complexion feeling refreshed and revitalized, not stripped of necessary moisture.  In fact, I find it to be very soothing, especially after shaving my face in the morning.  Anyway, thanks for checking to make sure I received what I ordered!"

"Just to let you know - the eye serum I bought from you is very moisturizing and goes well with my sunscreen."

"I'm so impressed because your verattiva products have made my skin smoother and clearer than I have ever seen it - and I'm almost forty years old!"

"I love your Verattiva products. My skin is much softer to the touch since I have been using them. Unlike a lot of other premium brands, their packaging is true to the volume of the product. No surprises with thick sides and false bottoms. They are lightly scented and even the face mask does not irritate my sensitive skin. I have been trying to improve my health by taking probiotic supplements. It just made sense to try to work with nature on the outside too."

"I really enjoy how soft your face peel leaves my skin. It is fun to use and I feel that it really does a great job. I have recommended it to several friends already. Thank you again."

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