Foot Care - Getting Ready to Go Barefoot in the Sun

It seems easy to remember to get our bodies and faces ready for summer exposure, but we also need to pay extra attention to our feet. Your feet are sure to have taken a beating after spending a winter in socks and shoes and you need to take steps to make them look their best for summer days spent barefoot or in sandals. Besides, your feet carry around the weight of your whole body so they deserve a little special care.

Here are few foot care tips you can apply to improve your feet for the summer days to come...

Get rid of that hard, dead skin on your feet at least once a week. Begin by soaking your feet in warm water for 10 minutes to soften the dirt and dead skin. Once your feet are softened, use a pumice or foot file to rub away calluses and dead skin to reveal smoother skin.

When you are done filing your feet, soak them in warm water again for 10 minutes. Try adding essential oils to the foot soak, such as olive oil or scented lavender oil to moisturize your feet while you soak them.

Always dry your feet completely after you soak them or take a shower because wet feet are a breeding ground for bacteria. Use a towel made from natural materials and dry your feet carefully, including in between the toes.

Moisturizing your feet every day with a rich body or foot lotion is extremely important because your feet have no oil glands on their soles. To really make the moisturizer sink in, try slathering it on and them putting on socks. Wear the socks to bed and you will wake up with incredibly soft, supple feet.

If you suffer from tired, swollen feet you can try soaking them in cold water for 10 minutes. After the cold water soak, rest your feet over your head for a few minutes. You can accomplish this by laying in your bed and putting your feet up on the headrest. A really quick fix for swollen, tired feet is to roll them over cold cans from your refrigerator.

Finally, a great way to get your feet ready for the summer is to get a professional pedicure. A pedicure is the ultimate pampering experience for both men and women. Consider adding a massage, which increases circulation and feels just fabulous.

With some extra attention and foot care, you will be ready to put your best foot forward this summer!


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