Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Your Cosmetics and Lotions Could be Doing To You

The end of the summer is the ideal time to assess your cosmetics and lotions to throw away old ones that could be past their prime and cause skin irritation.

Because most skin care products and cosmetics do not have expiration dates, it is difficult to know which ones are bad.

Experts recommend:
  • you smell the product because if it contains bacteria, it will have a distinctive odor;
  • you check the texture of the product and if it is lumpy or thick, it is time to get rid of it;
  • you consider when you purchased the product and if you can't remember the year, it is definitely time to let it go;
  • and you should replace your makeup sponges weekly.
Using old or contaminated products can cause blemishes, skin rashes and even eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

According to dermatologist Dr. Angela Bowers, "It's difficult to know because cosmetics usually don't include expiration dates. The bacteria can get in there and the preservatives might not be working quite as well as they were when you first opened it. If you get some of that in your eye you may develop conjuctivitus which we know as pink-eye. Some women may develop a peri-oral dermatitis from using some old, expired makeup that might irritate the skin and cause little red bumps that look like acne."

For attractive, healthy skin you should replace your cosmetics and lotions every three to six months.


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