Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Feeding Your Skin For A Healthy Complexion

You may be aware that eating certain foods promotes good skin from the inside out. But did you know that putting certain foods on your skin can also give you a healthier complexion?

Sharon Hardy, a registered dietitian, states that, "Although nutrients don't absorb through the skin, foods including antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamin A can neutralize free radicals on the skin's surface and protect the skin."

Consider using the following foods on your skin for an attractive glow:

- carrot regenerates and nourishes your skin with carotene oil;
- coconut moisturizes your skin and makes you smell delicious;
- egg whites make your skin tighter;
- green tea has antioxidant properties to purify your skin;
- milk exfoliates your skin with lactic acid and moisturizes;
- oatmeal is soothing for your skin; and
- pumpkin deeply exfoliates your skin.

Products with natural ingredients such as carrot, green tea, milk and oatmeal are beneficial for your skin and help to improve your complexion...or you can use these foods in their natural form.

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