Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Fruit for Healthy Skin Care

We all know that eating the luscious, fresh fruits of summer is good for our bodies and skin.

Fruit is a healthy source of vitamins, tastes terrific, smells great and can be purchased fresh all throughout the summer months. It's a handy snack to carry around for summer excursions, but did you know that fruits can also help your skin when topically applied?

First, wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and apply a layer of a light moisturizer while your face is still wet. Next, soak a wash cloth in mashed fruit or juice and put it on your face for a total of ten to fifteen minutes. Cut out holes for your eyes in the wash cloth so the fruit acids don't irritate your eyes. When you remove the wash cloth, your skin will be smoother and more attractive.

To remove the wash cloth fruit mask, water is not required. Rather, wipe off your face with a cotton ball soaked in cucumber juice or green tea...these are natural elements that act as an astringent to tone your skin.

For dry skin, you can use fruits such as grapes, bananas, apricots, plums and melons. Adding a bit of carrot juice will really help to infuse moisture into dry skin and the orange colors goes away quickly. If you have reddish skin, add a touch of parsley. For oversized pores, try a bit of red currant or cranberry.

All skins types can benefit from orange, watermelon and tomato juices. You can even help to get rid of acne blemishes with orange or strawberry juices.

Fresh fruit is not just a tasty summer treat - it's also an effective way to improve your skin on a budget!

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