Anti Wrinkle Treatment Because No One Wants a
New Wrinkle

To paraphrase an old saying, you don't want a new wrinkle when it comes to your skin. Wrinkles and aging happen due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are internal and get passed on through your genes. Also, once you turn thirty, a breakdown of the skin's connective fibers, collagen and elastic, occurs causing signs of aging. Extrinsic factors are external, involving environmental elements that can affect the condition of your skin. Examples of extrinsic factors that can cause your skin to age prematurely include sun exposure, pollution, tanning, poor diet and smoking.

Fortunately, there are a few anti wrinkle treatments and preventive measures to slow down the aging process and improve the appearance of your skin:

1. Stay out of tanning salons because the UV rays are damaging to your skin.
2. Use a sunscreen during all the seasons and avoid staying out in the sun for too long.
3. Use a cleanser and toner twice a day to get rid of all traces of makeup and pollution. Apply a mask every week to deep clean your pores and remove excess oil and dirt for a smoother complexion.
4. Try using warm water to clean your skin instead of hot. Hot water can take some of the essential oils out of your skin.
5. Choose a suitable moisturizer for your skin and use it every time you wash your face to replenish essential moisture.
6. Use a humidifier to give your skin hydration throughout the day.
7. Hydrate yourself from the inside out by drinking six to eight glasses of water each day.
8. Eat well-balanced meals and take a vitamin supplement to be sure your body is getting all the nutrients needed for optimum health.
9. Exercise at least three times a week for a half hour to improve circulation and increase blood flow to your tissues – this improves the skin's elasticity.

A few simple lifestyle changes can prevent new wrinkles and treat existing wrinkles for a more attractive complexion overall.


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