About ChinaDollSkin.com
ChinaDollSkin.com was started in 2006 by Ryan and Jill Cote - it's a family business that treats its customers like family.  We feel all businesses should be run this way.
Already fascinated with skin care, we knew that the right blend of ingredients could make a significant difference in a person's skin - but the bottom line is, the number of skin care products to choose from is overwhelming.
What was needed was a centralized, convenient location that provided people with effective skin care products made with proven, nourishing ingredients. This location would have to be easy to find and access for our customers all hours of the day and night.  Also, the products provided must make the skin clear and smooth, similar to the porcelain of a china doll.
After much research, we partnered with Verattiva and formed ChinaDollSkin.com.  Our products are NOT your average, supermarket skin care products.  They are a blend of pure aloe vera and probiotics from milk enzymes - two very effective ingredients for smooth, healthy skin.
You can purchase your skin care products from a large corporation where you're just a number...or you can buy them through ChinaDollSkin.com where every order and customer is truly appreciated.
To potential customers, the glow of confidence you'll feel from your new skin will amaze you and we look forward to receiving your thank you emails!
Ryan and Jill Cote

Ryan & Jill Cote 2006 / Photo by Elite Photographers

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